Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Mail!

I got happy mail today that I just had to show you guys! For the last couple of months I have participated in Courtney's RAK club. I get a name of a person to send a card to and then someone gets my name. The only requirement is to send a card but the last two months my very sweet RAKers have sent me wonderful packages of fun stuff! Today I got an envelope from cool is that? It is from Sari who got my name in Courtney's RAK club this month! Included is the very cute House Mouse card that you see on the right, a couple of gorgeous die cut cards, some Prima's, ribbon, bottle caps, and most fun looking a bottle of Platinum Liquid Pearls. I have Liquid Pearls in Petal Pink and White Opal so this Platinum will be an excellent addition. I can SO see using it with the Basic Gray Card Stock from SU!

Thank You 2 so much Sari for making me smile today! I was really needing it right when it came! I have linked Sari's blog to her name above. Make sure you all go check it out!!!

4 comments that make my day!:

sari said...

I'm glad it came to you before x-mas!!!

Anonymous said...

Sari was kind enough to come by my blog and wish me a Merry Christmas as well. She's been very busy today hasn't she? :)

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Have fun!!

dd2njoy said...

Lovely Lorie!!!

Courtney Fowler said...

Whoo, hoo! Sari is just the sweetest, isn't she???

I knew you'd like your RAK partner this month...

PS Check out my blog post today!!!