Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Pictures!

Yay! I know you guys have been dying for something other than poor me talk so today I have some pictures for you. First you get some artwork. My upline, Richelle, made this for me! How stinkin' cute is that? The little circle purse is made with a paper bag and designer paper and then there are 3x3 cards that go inside. I do have directions for this that I will share but not right now. It is just something that I don't want to take on until after I get back from vacation. I will post again after my trip (Aug 2-7) and let you know when to e-mail me for the directions.

So, besides my surgery we had something else exciting happen this last week. Todd was trimming outside when a rock somehow went under the trimmer guard and hit the sliding door and shattered it. It only broke the outer pane of glass, which is good, and we have one estimate for $619 to replace the glass (ouch!). We decided for that amount we could just spend a little more and put french doors in. So, we are just waiting for the second estimate to decide what exactly we are going to do.

And finally...can your husband do this? Kyler needed some buttons sewn back on his shorts (and I had a horrible tummy day yesterday) so Todd did it for me. I'm telling ya...there isn't much that man can't do!

So, I hope that these few pictures will make you happy and draw you guys back to the blog a little. I'll catch y'all later! :0)

3 comments that make my day!:

Sharon in NE said...

What a gem your husband is.

diane mcvey said...

Your hubby is a keeper, for sure! That is awesome that he will help you out like that...
I agree, go for the French doors! One of our boys shattered the outer glass on our slider with a bb that went astray...eeekkk...I still have the bb that cost us hundreds, too!!! I thought I'd save it for when his kids do something similar! ha Hope you feel better today :)

Anonymous said...

I knew it, Todd and Tony could spend the evening cross stitching and stamping. They give "craft night" a whole new meaning. Hope you are feeling better.