Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guess What?

Well, Friday is my anniversary. Todd and I will be married 6 years on Friday. I'm telling you this because I received one of my anniversary gifts today! Okay, I've actually gotten both of them but the other thing I got is a pair of diamond earrings that I cannot currently show you as they are getting screw backs put on them. LOVE them sooooo much though! :0) The one thing I can show you is the set of 48 Copic Markers that he bought for me! Woohoo! Now the picture does not do these justice, of course, and when I look at it you can't even see all the pretty colors. Anyway, I got a set of these markers from All That Scraps. They are offering them in the set of 48 colors that match SU! colors I knew I had to have them if they would match! Here is a link to a tutorial that SCS has on the markers. I cannot wait to try them!

I just have to show you this super cute card that my friend, Jennifer, made. Is this Penny Black cow not the cutest thing you've seen!? I just LOVE Jenn's use of color and layout on this card. She is such a fantastic stamper!

I got a couple of gorgeous cards while I was sick that I will take pictures of and show you guys over the next couple of days.

For now...I'm spent, so I'm going to go take a little nap. Have a great rest of your day everyone! :0)

***Heather, the container that the markers are in came with them. Kinda nice but a little big, too. Hopefully you can find something new! :0)***

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Heather Leech said...

Happy Anniversary!!
My hubby and I will be celebrating 17 years in September. Time sure flies!
Got a question for you. The markers (which are totally awesome)- did they come in that fancy dancy holder or did you buy that separately? I just bought a set of prismacolors and the holders that came with it take up so much space and are down right ugly!
Heather Leech

jodene said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Courtney Fowler said...

Sooooo coveting the markers.... AND the earrings! Don't tell the "Big Guy"!:) Also, that card it tooo cute!

mimihas5 said...

I hope that you and your husband have a very Happy Anniversary!Diamond earrings and Copic markers. What a wonderful husband you have.:) Hope your feeling better.


dd2njoy said...

Happy Anniversary!! You sure got spoiled,good for you! Have fun with your new markers!

Jan Scholl said...

I stopped celebrating anny's when hubby was always on business trips-unless Johnny Depp was in town, why bother. Anyways---those markers are sometimes available at HObby Lobby but only about 20 colors and mostly primary brights and that sort-soI got one grey and it was 6 bucks for one!! Maybe there are different grades of them as they said these were good for ANIME art. anybody know anything of th edifference as my marker is flat and not round.

Kristine said...

WooHoo!! Happy Anniversary Lorie!! :) How special. I've heard a little about those copic markers--you'll love them. Happy markering--I mean, stamping! :)