Friday, March 9, 2007

Spring is a comin'!

I know that many of you have just been dumped on with the snow recently but look what started peeking up in my dirt pile that I call a garden...yep, that is! I am so not a gardener that I don't even know what kind of flower it is. I know tulips will come up later. And I have a Hollyhock bush that we transplanted into this area (that secretively I hope doesn't survive the transplant...shhh...don't tell Todd!). What is so neat about this particular flower is that it is all open and pretty during the day and then at night it closes itself right up. God is so good to show us a peak of the future pretties, isn't he?

This Bundle of Joy card is something that I received in a Spring Mini Swap that I participated in a little while ago. It is so stinkin' cute! I love that giraffe! The label on the back says that Jan McGowen made it and I think she just did a fantastic job! I'm not sure but I'm going to bet that she made the rectangle with her square punch just by punching out one of her squares moving the punch up or down a little and then punching again until she had the size she desired. It really is a neat way to use your punches.

I'm working on a Crab & Co. card for my stamp club and today I'm going to play with another Bella or two but only AFTER I write my Children's Message for this weekend. I really need to get it done because if I want to add any pictures for the screen I need to get it to the pastor today.

Today is Friday so that means I'm a happy girl...Todd comes home for the weekend today! Everyone say yahoo! with me! Good thing is he will be home earlier than usual today bad thing is for a doctor's appointment. Hopefully the doctor will tell him nothing is seriously wrong. Prayers please!

Anyway, you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

2 comments that make my day!:

ipkstampshappy said...

It's a Crocus! One of the first flowers to come up and bloom in "early" spring. Ida

Kristine said...

Hi LORIE!! You really made my day today as I looked through my mail and saw MY 1st ever Blogger RAK!! *happy dance* so I had to come check out your blog!! THANKS SO MUCH. I love the bella card so much. I linked your blog in my post with the card :0) You're so sweet for sending it to ME!!