Monday, March 5, 2007

My Creative Mess

Good Monday morning everyone! I just thought it would be fun to show you what my desk looks like when I'm trying to create. It is a mess! The 3-ring binder on the left has project ideas, color combos, designer paper color lists, and sketch challenges from SCS printed out and all are placed in page protectors. It is my go to book when I am struggling with something. Do you see the little squares? That is something that I'm working on for a birthday gift. One of my good friends has a birthday tomorrow so today I'm sitting down to make something just for her. As soon as I know she has guys will get to see it. And sorry about the lighting...I don't turn on all the lights until the kiddos are all up.

I think, after my doctors visits last week, I have my stomach under control and I'll be able to start exercising again (back at square one but at least I'll be doing it, right?). I really want to loose the 5 lbs that I'm unhappy with before Todd's graduation in May. Should be easy enough but right now I hear a chocolate eclair calling my name! I also need to get some work done at church and I need to call or e-mail Whitworth today to see if the have the book list available yet for my classes this summer. I'd like to get a head start on that but not too far as I don't want to forget what I've read. Hmmm...I think it is going to be a busy week!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

2 comments that make my day!:

Jennifer said...

I see a Bella!!! Can't wait to see what you are making with it.

I'm so glad you're feeling better -- that makes ME feel better :)

Jan Scholl said...

This is a mess? Obviosly you dont have teenagers, cats, dogs and a wierd picture dictionary. My stuff is so messy, you could hide a Waldo doll in it and drive others nuts trying to find it!