Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stamp Club was FUN!!!

We had stamp club last night and it was so much fun! Everyone that comes is so talented and nice. I wish we could meet up two or three times a month just so I could get to see them and chat with them!

I'm going to post a 2-4-6-8 Box that we made last night. It is an excellent size box for Valentine's Day sharing at your childs school or even perhaps with your co-workers (of course with co-workers you have to be careful what you stamp and well, you get the idea!). You can go to this blog and find step by step directions for makings these.

Ohhhhh...guess what? I got shipping notices yesterday for my Cuttlebug and the embossing templates and dies that I ordered! They should be here tomorrow! I can't wait to play with them!

So, got a few things to do today (put in the stamp club order) and go to Charter to check on my account but other than that I should be able to do some stamping! Check back tomorrow to see!

A request for you. My husband, Todd, has started his five month stint at the Washington Basic Law Enforcement Academy and I'm just asking for prayer that all will go fine. He will be traveling back and forth on the weekends from Tacoma and with the pass and such...well, prayers are just appreciated!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

PS: Blogger just got hung up so I didn't get to spell check. I apologize now for any mistakes! :0)

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Anonymous said...

Love the bags! Thanks for sharing.