Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Stamps...Read On

First, an apology! I have no new picture for you today. It seems that I had to go get a pedicure, sauna time, and massage yesterday! Woohoo! Todd surprised me with it all yesterday. So, I left the house at 11 a.m. and didn't get back home until 2 p.m. By then I needed to shower, plan a church activity (yes, I procrastinated), shop for said church activity, and be ready for our dinner (I had yummy Chicken Marsala) and movie by 5 p.m. So, see? I was busy! I do have to tell you about the movie though. We saw The Good Shepherd. Boy it was long BUT it was good. It was a 3 hour movie but I my attention was held the entire time...which is a feat in and of itself! I was a little confused in the beginning because it flashes back and forth between years but once I figured that out I was good. Todd and I rate movies by how much we would pay...full price, matinee, or rental (and sometimes...why did we watch that?). This is a full price movie, partially because of the length but it is really a well written, well acted movie. I want to do a little more research about it to see how much of it was actually true.

In apology for my no-picture status I have a couple links for you. Links to sign up to win some blog candy...woohoo! Go to Cindy's blog for a chance to win a super cute Bella Stamp! On Stephanie and Nancy's blog you can win a great assortment of products! Have fun signing up for those!

Happy Sunday!

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