Friday, December 8, 2006

Day Three and the final I believe!

Well, today is day three and I have what I think is the final frap bottle. Only I'm not for sure I won't do anything else with it. But, if I do you guys will be the first to know!

Before I show you though I HAVE to show you what my friend Kim made for me! First for some background information. I have seen her make these scarves the last couple of years for other people and thought to myself two things 1. I want HER for my secret Santa and 2. maybe I could commission her to make me one? Anyway, I hadn't said anything to her because she has three kids, a husband, and a daycare and doesn't have time to be making a scarf for me! But, GUESS WHAT???? She made me made me one! It is the softest, longest, most beautiful scarf I've ever had! Wanna see me in my beautiful, handmade by Kim, scarf? Okay, you talked me into it! Isn't it great! Oh, my I LOVE it! Thank you soooo much Kim!

Now, on to the frap bottle. Yesterday I just put the paper on the bottle and placed my little tags and voila! The, what I hope is finished, frap bottle. Now, I have to admit that I like it better with the little tags out so I may (depending on everyone's comments) just leave the little tags sticking out instead of in. I put some kisses and peanut butter cups inside and that will be a gift for...??? I don't know yet. It says love on it so that limits my options a bit but we'll see! Here is a picture or two! So, what do you all think of it finished? Please feel free to post a comment or two about it...I would really appreciate it! Also, what do you think of the multiple day project thing? Do you like that or would you prefer to see just things that are all finished?

Today, I have some final prep at church for an adult Sunday School class I will be facilitating. I'm going to meet with the Pastor to make sure I have all my ducks in a row or is it all my scripture in order? Anyway, after that...the all important hair appointment. Gotta make sure my hair is acceptable for Vegas, you know! Finally, Kyler has a choir concert tonight at the university. Another busy day in store but I guess I like it that way since they are almost all like that!

I hope everyone makes it a fantastic FRIDAY!!!

Oh, and one day and a wake up 'til Vegas!!!!

3 comments that make my day!:

Anonymous said...

The frap bottles are so cute. I bought two last night so that when I saw the finished project I could make some. Thanks for the ideas. They are all great. I think the work in progress projects are neat. Thanks again Lorie.

Cheryl said...

Sorry, I forget that my name does not show when I type a message.

Jennifer said...

Your new scarf looks fabulous on you! Lucky girl!

I really like the work-in-progress projects....even though the suspense is torture! LOL! Your finished frap bottle is really, really cute! :)