Monday, November 27, 2006

Excitement abounds!

I'm so excited about a couple of neato things! On Sunday Todd and I decided we were going to take a short trip for his 40th birthday. Guess where we are going? Don't know? Okay, Las Vegas! Woohoo! We have planned some fun things to do with time in the in between for relaxing a little. Todd has never been to Vegas and I've only been one other time so it should be lots of fun. I really want to make sure to see the art museum at the Bellagio. We are going to stay at The Signature on MGM..very nice place it looks like! For extras we are going to tour Hoover Dam, take a helicopter ride over the strip at night, and go to the Improv club at Harrah's. We'll be busy but we like it that way.

I did quite a bit of stamping yesterday but it's all for my chemo patients Christmas present (getting her present done is the second thing I'm excited about) and I really don't want her to see it ahead of time. Tonight, hopefully I'll receive my order, I'll work on a couple of other things I can share. Okay, I did find a post it note holder that I made for a friend of mine. It was her birthday and I totally missed it so I made her this holder and the frog card that you saw on the 17th. She seemed really pleased with it! I will tell you that it is a toadal (get it?) CASE from SCS. However, when I used this set that day I made masks for both the mushroom and the frog so using this set will be much easier in the future!

Well, I hope you all have a great Monday! See you tomorrow!

2 comments that make my day!:

Jennifer said...

Vegas is perfect for a big birthday -- I hope you guys have a blast! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Your froggie post-it holder is toadally (got it!) cute! Love the non-traditional colors.

Dawn G said...

I am going to case your now girlie ..I need a few more ideas for the post it note holders Love the froggie .. gonna make one later this week .. Also took your cue on the simply scrappin kits for one of the post it note holders also .. how easy is that ..
Love those kits

Way to go girlie .. you and Todd have a fab-O time and Celebrate in Style ..