Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dance, Dance

What can keep two 4th grade boys busy for three hours? Apparently, VeggieTales version of Dance, Dance Revolution. VeggieTales calls it Dance, Dance, Dance but it is the same thing. This game hooks up to your computer (I used the laptop in the kitchen for optimal room on the hard floor...tee hee!) and plays family friendly VT songs so you don't have to worry about what they are hearing! The boys had just played DDR at school when I reminded him he had the VT version and both Kyler and our neighbor Austin thought it would be fun to play...for three hours! I should have shooed them outside but when they are playing well together with something that is good for them...I just couldn't make myself do it!

I did stamp something yesterday. I received the stamp set Your Neat in a trade this last week and was excited to stamp with it. I tried Beate's weekend sketch with this set. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but I'm sure that the intended receiver will like it!

I also joined a one-on-one (X3) swap for cards for this month so I have to get to work on those today as well. I traded for the Holiday Mini set called Autumn Apparitions so I'm going to try to use that. Each card needs to be different though so it should be interesting. I would like to use Beate's sketch or maybe Lauren's sketch for these cards. Maybe I should wait until my new Halloween paper gets here tomorrow...hmmm...although Todd and I may be fighting for stamping time at the desk as he needs to work on his swap cards!

Hope you all have a super Sunday!

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Courtney Fowler said...

Ok. I love your picture of the "guys" dancing... only one thing missing.... If it were at MY house, there would be a pile of dishes in the sink in the background!!! LOL! Santa is soooo gonna get a letter about the dance, dance thing. Oh yea, love your cards, too! :)