Saturday, September 8, 2007

Better Get Better

Good Saturday morning everyone! I thought I'd show you a Bella that I made a couple of weeks ago. I made this card for my friend Jennifer. Why would I need to send her a 'Better Get Better' card? Because she had her Gall Bladder removed! Think I know anything about that? LOL! You know what I do know? That I'm a big baby 'cuz Jennifer has not had nearly the pain or problems that I had after my surgery. Here I thought I had a high tolerance for pain. Guess not! Anyway, her surgery gave me a great reason to use a Docabella image that I had gotten. The layout is from Beate's blog sketch from last week. I should have centered Bella a little better on the white but once I punched it...that was it as it was the only image that I had. Wanna hear something kinda funny? I, at first, colored Docabella's legs a flesh color and then realized that since this was a get well card maybe she should have pants on so I colored them a different color. Still not sure that I like that part of it but oh, well!

Well, my friends, I need to go clean up and start my day! Hope you have a very productive stamping day today!

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jodene said...

Lovely card Lorie. Great job!!