Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well, it was updated...

It looks like they have updated the election site AND although he garnered about 11% of the vote Scott did not make it to the general election in November. And you know what? I personally think the people of Ellensburg were not smart in this decision but it will be okay because next year...with a little name recognition and more work he will get on that city council! Good news? Scott will sit on 3 boards at the college this fall including the 'disciplinary board' which is a BIG deal!

And, Scott, if you are reading this...I couldn't be more proud of you! Almost 11% of Ellensburg thinks you would do a good job on the city council and that is something to be proud of! Just think, if you are only 19 now...imagine what you will accomplish at 20! I love you bunches!!!!!!!

2 comments that make my day!:

Anonymous said...

Good job Scott! Remember that Ellensburg only votes for the incubent, no matter how bad he/she is. It's all about the name, so next time more people will know his name. Keep trying!

Jennifer said...

11% of Ellensburg and 1 person in Colorado. I'm proud of you too! :)