Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tomorrow we fly...

So, tomorrow is the day we fly to Wisconsin so there will be no post tomorrow because it is pretty much an all day adventure. Kyler is sooooo excited to go he keeps telling me that he wishes it was today. Too cute! We took the Boeing Plant Tour and saw where and how they build the 747. It was interesting but not as much information as I would have liked. Guess it is mostly proprietary info so they can't give it away. Oh, and I just had a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden. Have you guys seen the commercial for the Shrimp Caprese? Well, that is what I had. It is definitely a different flavor from other Italian red sauces but it was quite tasty. I would suggest you try it if you get a chance.

I think that I have enough photos on my thumb drive to post a card today so here you go! (Maybe Todd will stamp something and post while I'm gone too!) This beautiful get well card was made by my friend Courtney at Created By Courtney. It is made with the Baroque Motifs set. She used a transparency and embossed the swirls. I just love this card and will definitely be trying this sometime! Thank you so much Courtney for thinking of me.

If you are interested I'm feeling much better. I'm mobile all the time but I am exhausted by the end of the day and my abdomen gets sore and a little swollen by the end of the day but other than that....I'm golden. And Kyler? He is sooooo much better too! He and I are just so happy he is so much better. It is amazing what the correct antibiotic will do! Oh, I just have to mention that we have the BEST pediatrician. Dr. Herman called Kyler on Sunday to see how he was doing and then she called again on Tuesday morning to see how he was. Isn't that just fantastic?!

Alrighty have a wonderful next couple of days and I'll be back on Friday! Pray for a good trip for us! :0)

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Have a great trip!