Friday, August 24, 2007


Look what Kyler found on our fence yesterday? I was so enthralled by it but couldn't get a very good picture...darn it! In case you don't know it is a Praying Mantis. Did you know that the actual name is a Praying Mantid? Anyway, I guess they have seen other Praying Mantid's in our yard and I think that is way cool!

Sorry for no stamping today but I do have, what I consider to be, a cute card for tomorrow!

Until then...have a great Friday night!

***Update...if you haven't read the comments on this post please go do so! iteach...all I can say is YIKES!!!! That would have soooo grossed me out!***

6 comments that make my day!:

jodene said...

Too wierd. I have never seen one of these before.

iteach said...

When our girls were in jr. high (almost 15 years ago) we went out to a local Christmas Tree Farm and picked the tree we wanted. They cut it for us and brought it to the barn where they put it in a shaking machine (to get out any dead needles, etc) and then netted it for the trip home.

It was one of the prettiest trees we had. About a week later I was sitting in front of the tree admiring it before going out for dinner with friends and I noticed something on the ceiling. I didn't have my glasses on, but could see little spots. When I examined it we found zillions of baby praying mantis all over the tree, ornaments, ceiling, walls, carpet, etc. They were even attackning our cockatiel. They were no bigger than the fingernail on a toddler's little finger.

At first i was trying to catch them in a jar and let them go because everyone knows they are so beneficial to gardens. I soon realized that it was a loosing battle. We could not get rid of them.

My husband had to take the tree (ornaments and all) outside to be undecorated. The little buggars were in his mouth, nose, eyes, etc. Of course I was so grossed out I coudln't do anything!!!

When we turned the tree over we found 2 pods of eggs. One had hatched and the other hadn't. It had been a warm winter so far, and bringing the tree with the pods into the house made them hatch faster!!!

Needless to say, we did not buy another tree that year. I put a tree that was about a foot tall (on top of a cloth covered barrel) and cried every time I looked at that ugly tree.

When the artificial trees went on super sale we bought a beautiful pre-lit 8 foot tree. We miss the smell of a live tree, but we don't have to worry about any "un invited critters" joining us for the holidays!.

Your picture brought back that cherrished memory.

Wife2TJ said...

I love these and have been lucky enough to have seen quite a few of them so far. I even saw one when I was on vacation in the bahamas. But I have never gotten a picture of one.

I used to work daycare when I was in highschool. I fond a praying mantis brought all the children over to see it. Did you know they could fly? I had no idea. The thing flew off the wall and jumped on my neck. I screamed and all of a sudden I had ten four year olds screaming with me. lol! I swatted it off my neck it scared the heck out of me. lol! Had to share that story with ya!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Courtney Fowler said...

My husband and I were coming home from a date night when I saw one on my front porch. I said, "Look, honey, is that a Praying Mantis?" He looked real close and said "Yep, it's praying all right!"

What a stinker. Now I know where my son gets it from!

Kristi said...

I have not seen one of these in years. I did see them as a child, but that's about it.

Heidi said...

We use to have these show up at our house when we lived in Spain. The ones there were always HUGE. It is hard to tell how large this one is, but the ones we saw were larger then the palms of our hands! HUGE!