Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Awwww... guys...I had to take my Mitzy to the vet today because Todd found a weird bump on her hindquarter a couple of days ago. So, we proceeded to give her a bath because we thought that maybe something got matted in her long hair which is possible because she is so low to the ground. Well, when we gave her the bath the area started to bleed so we promptly called the vet (okay, the next morning) The vet felt it and promptly told me I was going to have to leave her there because she was going to have to put Mitzy under anesthesia The vet thought it was dead skin and it would have to be removed. Well, after starting my heart again I left her with the vet who promised to be good to her (I told her that she better be good to her!) and that she would call later this afternoon with an update. Well, not more than an hour later the vet called and said that when she shaved the hair that the dead skin came off and the new skin looks fantastic AND she didn't have to put Mitzy under anesthesia...yay! So, I went and picked her up. I just have to put hydro cortisone on the wound area and give her an antibiotic twice a day. Other than that and one of those silly cone thingies on her head she is good to go! Wanna know what makes me mad? She was bit...yes, bit by another small animal. Now, one would think it could have been our other dog but she is too big. So...either another small dog snuck under the fence (impossible!) or one of the neighborhood "stray" cats came in our back yard (totally torque's me off!) and bit her!!!!! I'm soooo angry about it as we have a neighbor that lets her cats out at night and in during the day. They poop all over the neighborhood, lay on our porch, even has entered our garage! Of course I can't prove anything but I just know it was a cat! My poor Mitzy! She is so sore this afternoon and she hates the cone thing BUT she is so good natured that she hasn't cried or anything!

Now, onto the artwork! I made this card today for my own challenge. I decided I couldn't ask you guys to make a list and card without doing it myself so here is the card! And here is my top 10...

The top 10 reasons I married my husband...

1. Have you seen him in a uniform (then army or now police?)!
2. When I told him I had three boys (3, 8, 13 at that time) he didn't blink!
3. He exudes confidence.
4. He let me drive for our first date.
5. He wants ME to be happy.
6. His family is a little whacked but he loves them any way. Especially his grandma.
7. He's lived lots of places and wants to show me them all.
8. He is an excellent provider.
9. Life will always be an adventure with him if I just let it be.
10. He has emotions and he's not afraid to show them!

Thanks everyone that participated! Just an hour and a half until a winner is chosen! I'll be back after dinner! :o)

6 comments that make my day!:

scrappintrish said...

I am SO mad! I thought that I had more time to do this card. I didn't know I only had 2 days since we talked to get it done. lol! I have too much going on. :( I am so sad that I missed this.... :)

Angie Tieman said...

Oh my, I do love a man in a uniform, you lucky girl! Your list was great and really nice to read. Glad to hear your doggy is okay too! And thank you for the nice comment on my blog, I appreciate it!

Courtney Fowler said...

Poor doggie! You want me to come kick the cats for ya? LOL! Seriously, you and Todd make a really great couple!

amberporter said...

Great card! I, literally, just got this stamp set today!! I can't wait to play with it!

Ashley said...

Oh, I am so glad your doggy is doing OK. I was so worried when I recieved your post today in my mail and Feedblitz cut most of the story off and I was like "WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!"
I have had a hard time reading about other animals since my Poppy (Popcorn, bunny)died Sunday afternoon. I had a hard time even writing about him on my blog. Every time I see Popcorn or hear the word Popcorn, I start to cry. you wouldn't think you see the word Popcorn or see actual popcorn, but working with kids, you'd be surprised.

Anyway, I am so glad she is OK!
That was a nice list of your husband, maybe I should write one up too.

flygirlual said...

I just cant stand neighbors like that!! I am alergic to cats and one time I got into my car and started haivng a terrible reaction, turned out my daughter told me the cat was in my car when she came home from school!! Laying in the drivers seat!! I had left the windows open since it was a nice day and I was leaving again shotly!! I know we have a leash law in our town for cats along with dogs, maybe you should check to see if your town does too!! I hope your little pup is back to normal again!!