Friday, June 8, 2007

I drive myself crazy sometimes!

Okay, so I was thinking earlier today of something I wanted to tell you guys but now I can't remember. I should have just posted then. Just call me ditzy Lorie! Did you see how fast we are moving to 20,000 views? Holy cow! I guess I will for sure be handing out some candy when I return!

Oh, I know...I wanted to post a picture of my SU! orders. That would be great wouldn't it? would...if I had them! Of course my Mr. Brown doesn't come until about 5:30 P.M....I think we are the last on his route! :0( I'll make sure you see the goodies tomorrow though!

I just thought I'd show you guys one of the two cutie cards that Courtney sent with her Prize Swap entry. Isn't it adorable? She used some Palette O Prints paper, Big Blooms Stamp Set (from the spring mini...which you can still order from until June 29th), some stitched grosgrain from the Ribbon Originals in Sweet Shop. I just love this card! I think I say it about just about all cards but you have to agree...this is a great one! I really wish I would have gotten that Big Blooms set...oh, yeah...I still can! :0)

So did you all go figure out Google Reader? I haven't gotten any cancellation requests from FeedBlitz yet. You really should try is fantastic!

Well, ladies...I did the spell check, now I'm going to read the post over again and push 'publish post'. I hope you have a fantastic evening! See you tomorrow!

2 comments that make my day!:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the swap cards! What a wonderful surprise on Saturday afternoon, I can only imagine the excitement getting them in the mail. Heather, from OH, as a penguin lover your card ROCKS! The colors are so cheerful. Thank you Lorie, count me in for the next swap!

Ally Stamps said...

Lori, I cant seem to get that link to google reader to work...can ay send it to me?