Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged! Stacy of Stacy's Stamp-n-Scrap Loft tagged me. Now I get to post "Seven Things You [Probably] Don't Know About Me".

1. I have a permanent anklet! I have a tattoo my left ankle. It is a rose kind of thing and it goes all the way around. I still love it after 7 years and would love to get another.

2. Before I moved to Washington I had lived in the same 10 mile radius for 22 years.

3. I'm a very habit driven person. I like to do things in the same order each time.

4. I do not enjoy "eating in" at fast food restaurants.

5. I became a mother when I was in high school just one month after I turned 18. It was tough but God is good and my life has been very blessed.

6. Lily of the Valley is my absolute favorite flower! I planted some last year hoping they would bloom. It looked like they had died last year BUT, they have come back this year and are actually flowering. HUGE childhood memories with that flower.

7. I love wine! I really like white wine but I'm learning to appreciate some reds. I even got the Bella Winobella just for me! :0)

I am now supposed to tag 7 other bloggers but everyone I visit each day (it seems like) has already been tagged. If you haven't and you'd like to play just go ahead and consider yourself tagged!

I did make a card yesterday. Sometime ago I showed you a card with some designer paper that I had picked up from Craft Warehouse. Well, I pulled another piece of it out (as I had already cut it into pieces I'd like to use) and made this card. It is certainly nothing fancy but I think someone I know may like it! Designer paper sure can makes things easy! I need to find a little heart stamp. Anyone know where I could find one?

Anyway, don't forget about the Prize Swap I'm hosting. There are still 5 spots open in the first group. See the post below for more information!

Does anyone know if you can sticky a post up at the top with Blogspot? I would love to be able to do that but haven't figured out how yet.

How I made this card:

Stamps: A Muse Stamps, Kissing Couple
Card Stock: Real Red, Designer Paper, Whisper White
Ink: Stazon Black, Real Red, Ballet Blue, Creamy Caramel
Accessories: Grosgrain Ribbon, Giga Scalloped Punch, Dimensional

3 comments that make my day!:

Melissa said...

To keep something at the top, whenever you are almost finished typing up your post in the left hand corner it says post options. Click that and then change your post date to somewhere in the future. It will then stay at the top until that date or until you change it back. HTH

Allison said...

Love your A*muse creation!

Stacy said...

Thanks for playing tag with me, Lorie! Gosh, I love your stuff!!!