Monday, May 14, 2007

It is Monday!

Today is Monday of what promises to be a very busy week. Please know that if I don't post it isn't 'cuz I don't love you guys it is 'cuz I'm having a hard time fitting everything in. On Wednesday the kids are getting out of school early and we'll be leaving for Todd's graduation on Thursday. We decided that it would be fun to get a hotel and go swimming, eat out, you know, the whole overnight thing. Then on Friday Todd and I will be leaving for a little R&R just the two of us. But before we can leave I today, do laundry tomorrow, pick up the house, and get packed. I know it doesn't seem like much but I really am planning and getting ready for two trips not just one. Oh, and I have made his graduation card but don't want to show you yet as he does, sometimes, read this blog.

I know I said the swap poll would be until today at 8:00 p.m. but I decided that since it seems to be that people would like to participate I would go ahead and announce that you can sign up for the very first Live-Love-Laugh-Create Prize Swap. Here are the details:

Vendor Products: Any
Size: Any size but a full card not just card front so these can be used once received. Although if you do a card a size that doesn't fit into a regular envelope please include the envelope as well.
Quantity: Well, this will depend on how many people sign up total. I will let you know but there will not be more than 10 in any one group.
Layers & Embellishments: 2 layers plus at least one embellishment
Sign Up By: May 23rd.
Due To Me By: June 6th. I will swap them out and have them back in the mail to you by June 8th. Your swap must arrive on time as the week after this I will be heading off to school and will not be at home for two weeks.
Recipe is required but please do not attach it in any way to the card itself. Please print it on a separate piece of paper and insert inside the card. Please be sure to number and sign your card.
Mailing instructions: Place swaps in a large baggie for waterproof purposes. Write your name on the baggie for identification purposes. To make it easier for the hostess to sort the cards I always put my swap cards in clear envelopes. If you have some of those I would appreciate your doing that.
Swap Return: First Class: Place baggie inside a self-address stamped envelope for return mail purposes. the amount of the postage on your SASE should be the same amount that it takes to mail to me. To insure that there is enough postage to return the envelope please add in 2 additional stamps that will be returned to you if not used. I will not accept metered strips. Priority mail: Just send the postage and I'll provide the envelope.

I will e-mail you privately my address after all have signed up for the swap.

Alright! Please e-mail me or comment if you'd like to sign up for what is sure to be a great swap!

Live-Love-Laugh-Create Prize Swap
1. Lorie Ames
2. Debby Tillman
3. Mindy Gray
4. Heidi Sorg
5. Amber P
6. Janel Malella
7. Kristine Reynolds
8. Heather Clements