Monday, April 9, 2007 be 9 again!

Well, today is Kyler's birthday and I'll be going to get him up shortly so he can go to his birthday breakfast with Grandma Nancy and Papa Al. He is so stinkin' excited! One of our traditions is that the kids get balloons tied on their chairs for their birthday so I'll get those today, too. That is Kyler at Thanksgiving...he's always the first to want to eat and eat a lot he does! And, NO, that is not wine for the kids it is sparkling cider! HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY KYLER!!!

I'm also very excited because Todd let me order a new camera this weekend. The FinePix that I have I've disliked basically since I got it when Todd was deployed. I ordered a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. It is a D-SLR camera which just means it can do lots of stuff. While I'm a pretty good picture taker but I do want to make sure that I get the most out of the camera so I will probably try and find a photography class or magazine to try and learn a little more about photography. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Stamp club is tomorrow night and I have just a few more things to wrap up. It is our last one for this stamping year. *sniff sniff* As much as I find it stressful I will miss seeing everyone each month. Hopefully we'll have a group for next year too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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Jennifer -- jkincolorado said...

Happy Birthday Kyler! Hope your day is WONDERFUL!

Enjoy your new camera -- I've heard the Rebel is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kyler! Today is my youngest son's birthday also. Matt is 8. It is also my neice's birthday. She is also 8. Can't wait to see what great things you have for us tomorrow. Thanks, Cheryl B

Gwen said...

he is just to stinkin cute!
Happy Happy birthday!!!!

dd2njoy said...

Happy B'day Kyler!!!Wishing you a good 9th year!!
Have fun with your new camera!!

Ashley said...

Say Happy Birthday to your kiddo for me!
I remember my ninth birthday clearly. I was at my grandma's house (she lived in a tiny town in IL an hour from my family) and we (grandma, mom and brother) went to the only Pizza joint in town and went back to her house for ice cream and strawberries. She always had "farm" cats on her porch she would feed but they ran away when I came near. This one orange Tabby was sick and couldn't see, so I snuck him under my coat and took him home. My brother finally let my mom know after we had gotten home but I still got to keep him. I loved that cat!