Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm so spoiled! Todd brought me home some wonderful Godiva chocolate in a cute little tin. When I finally finished it I decided I should see if I could alter the tin in some way. What I came up with was this cute little thang. Even if I don't know what to do with is still cute, right? The only thing I don't like about the picture is that my Swarovski crystal in the middle did some moving around and it looks a little silly. I did move it back though and now it looks great! I used the Polka Dots and Paisley's DP, some grosgrain ribbon, and Prima Flowers. No stamps where inked for this tin. The top said Godiva Chocoiste as well so I covered that with paper as well.

My friend Jennifer asked about Jon's golfing when we were chatting last night so I just have to share with you. Between the 45 mph wind gusts and some not nice teammates he had a horrible afternoon. I just felt so bad for him. He is not going to quit the team but just was really overwhelmed. So, we talked about perseverance and about how not to treat people so hopefully that will help him a little. I thought I'd share a picture of him in his golf 'uniform' and of course, he is being silly! I think he is so cute!

Well, you guys have a wonderful Wednesday and I'll see ya tomorrow!

2 comments that make my day!:

Jennifer -- jkincolorado said...

Love the tin -- very cute! Mmmmm....Godiva!

Jon looks so nice in his golf outfit. I'm sorry his teammates weren't nice to him -- he deserves better. Keep your chin up, Jon! :)

Dawn Griffith said...

OH my Lori This is sooo awesome .. I have been know not to be that crazy over chocolate But when it is wrapped like this who could refuse .. Today is the DAY if you know what I mean .. such a sad day for me ..
Dawn Griffith