Thursday, February 1, 2007

Yay! It's February

February always means lots of pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. How fun is that?! Okay, I really like pink so it works for me!!! Guess what? We are going to start our 3 day journey with the mailbox today. Last time when I did the frapaccino bottle I did it step by step each day and took pictures. This time...because it was going so smoothly I just took pictures while I did the project and have the finished project right next to me...right now! I'm very excited because I know you guys will like it when you are all done!

Anyway...step one, for me anyhow, was making a template of the mailbox so that I could punch a hole and cut a slit where the flag is. I accomplished that with some parchment paper which I cut to the size of the area I wanted to cover. (Thanks Gwen for that GREAT idea!) After I did that I went ahead a semi-placed it on the mailbox and with a pencil drew around the bottom part of the flag. I didn't get a stellar picture of that but you can see that in the middle of the 1/2" punch is the circle where the middle of the bottom of the flag is. After punching out the whole and slitting the parchment paper from the edge to the circle I placed it on my pre-cut piece of designer paper (use your Centering ruler to's so much easier!), and use the punch to make your circle and slit.

I wasn't sure what to use to adhere the paper to the box so I used strips of mono along the box then at each end I placed sticky tape. After I had placed the DP on the box I lifted the edges of the paper and stuck the edges down with the sticky tape. Then your designer paper should fit perfectly on your box.

So, here is what the first step looks like.

Tomorrow we will add some paper and accessories to make it look nice and then on Saturday we will finish it up!

Have a thoroughly great Thursday! :0)

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