Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wow! I told you I was spoiled!

Wow! What a Valentine's Day for me! Remember when I said I was spoiled...well, I am! I have a couple of pictures to share with you of what my boys and my husband got me for Valentine's Day. The picture on the left is what the boys got me. My oldest got me the box of Turtle Candy...Yummy! Jon got me the Bible Book on CD and the angel photo frame. Kyler got me the puppy stuffed animal and the yellow tulips. How cool is that?! Todd got me a message in a bottle. Have you ever seen those. They are so neat! You can either use one of their poems or write one of your own, choose a bottle that you like, and then they print the poem on vellum paper, roll it up and place it inside the bottle for you. So neat! This is actually the third one that I've gotten and each bottle is so unique! The card that I got is one of those music cards! It plays the Shania Twain song...Still The One. I'll admit it...I cried when I opened it!

I thought I'd show you the quick cards that I made for my boys. You will be able to tell the approx. ages of the kids by what is on the card. The younger the boy the more stuff you can add and they don't care! The fish one on the left was for Jon. I told him the fish was me kissy, kissying him. (I know that isn't a word but I used it anyway!) The middle card is for Scott. He's 19 and didn't need anything flashy. And the one on the right is for Kyler. The bee has glitter on the wings and the heart. They were very fun to make!

I hope you made something fun and cute for your honey too!

So that is the extent of this, it is long! Make sure you check below to see if you won yesterday's blog candy!

Have a rockin' Thursday!

2 comments that make my day!:

gwen_mangelson said...

great gifts!

my sons 24 and 22 both called mom JUST to say happy v day, neither teen at home said a thing!

money is tight here so kay and I didnt exchange gifts, but we have so much love and fun each day is a valentine to me already!

I LOVE your cards to your boys!
I sent my boys my hogs and kisses cards and they loved them!

scrapstampindiva said...

Wow Lorie - you got some great stuff there! You did have a great v-day! :)