Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not complete...

It's not complete but it's a start. Gosh I'm struggling a lot with the LasVegas scrapbook. You can definitely tell that I'm out of practice. I worked and worked on a 2-page layout yesterday and only got one of the two done. So, here it is...You can see (if you click on the picture) that some of the stamping I did didn't line up appropriately. So, what I plan to do on the right bottom corner is use my word window punch and make a window. I'll back it with paper and stamp the words..."Our Room" and maybe the room number (if I can remember it!). I know it doesn't look to thrilling but the page that will accompany it (on the left) will really make the layout. And, everything looks better with journalling! I hope to finish it today. Then I'll move on to more frustrating pages...I'm sure!

So, did ya know that yesterday was the one month anniversary of my having a blog? I should have done this yesterday BUT I didn't so today...a little celebration. If you leave a comment on my blog sometime before midnight today I'll draw a name on Monday morning and will send that person a little something. I don't know what it will be yet but who doesn't like to get something in the mail besides a bill?

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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stampin_melissa said...

Lorie, I'm glad I found your blog, I am enjoying "getting to know you" Have a great day and congrats on your one-month anniversary! :)

Jennifer said...

That means I've been checking your blog *at least* 30 times :)

Cute Vegas page -- can't wait to see the whole scrapbook.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your blog....and congrats on your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Lori- I love looking at the pictures (future ideas for me) you post, and reading your stories. I count myself one of the lucky ones that get to share your adventures and smile! ~ Janel

Helen said...

Happy Anniversary. It is kinda neat that I found your blog on your anniversary date. I enjoyed learning a little about you. Love your cards and scrap pages.


Danita said...

A whole month already?! Wow! Cool! Thanks so much for your blog - I *love* it!!

Gwen Mangelson said...

mee mee meee meee meee
jumping and waving and going totally out of breath



hee hee! love ya! and congrats on the 1 mo anniversary- they sure go fast! Gwen

Dawn Griffith said...

Yea you got that right .. I hate bills in the mail .. anyway .. Love a give-a-way girlie .. Your page looks fabulous also .. keep going you will be sooo ahppy to have this treasure girlie .. Never been to Vegas and Not sure If I will any time soon , but then again who needs to...When I can live Viva Las Vegas through you HUH?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you started a blog! Can you tell me a little more about being a "VeggieTales MOM" ?? I tried to click on your link & it wouldn't work??! Hope it's me you pick! I just moved to Las Vegas & it's lonely!!! Well, just for your info you are now on the list of FAV's! Happy Stampin!!