Monday, January 22, 2007


Shannon! Congratulations! Shannon please click on my profile and then click on e-mail me to send me your address. Here is what she will be receiving (as soon as I figure out how to mail it!).
I've been seeing these cute milk carton's on SCS so i decided to try one! I think it turned out really cute. Now, I didn't fill it with anything (yet!) but I would imagine candy would be great in here. I think I may make three of for each of my boys for Valentine's Day.

Shannon asked about VeggieTales Moms and I just wanted to answer her here (as well as privately). VTM is a very fun and new company that has "moms" show their products (movies, books, clothing, etc) via a home sell format. I joined VTM last fall and have had a great time with it. I had my website all updated and then I got kicked out of the system and it didn't change my information. SO...give me until this evening to update it (a great recruiting special and January/February Birthday specials) and then go see what it is all about! Just in case the link to the right doesn't work here you go! Lorie's VeggieTales Moms Website

I have lots to do today at work. I need to do some more planning for some stuff and I have a committee meeting tonight. One of the things I'll be working on today is labeling 66 pieces of wood that looks like books. Are you wondering why? Because we are learning about the Bible and all the books of the Bible in Sunday School! We have 3 different sizes and I will be putting the Bible book names on the front and spine this week. I'll take a picture and show it to you guys when I'm done. Oh, and guess what I'm doing this summer (and next). I will be going to Whitworth College (in Spokane) to attend the Diploma in Lay Pastoral Ministry program. I'm very excited about it but I haven't had any schooling past high school so I'm very nervous too! It is a two summer program where I will be staying at the college during the week and home on the weekend. I will need to do additional workshops/seminars in between the summers and do a final project at my church...yikes! Everyone is very supportive of me in this and I so appreciate it. I would ask that you pray for me to be open to the learning that I will be doing before I go and during the program. That I seek HIS best in this...not mine. Thank you!

Okay...that's it everyone! Make today the BEST Monday ever!

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