Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yikes! It is snowing!

Well, looks like our trip over the pass to take Jon to the airport will be a harrowing one. The pass right now is chains required for all vehicles except all wheel drive (which we have) and no oversized vehicles. We have about two hours before we will leave but I doubt it will change much. I just sent the kids about to shovel 'cuz it looks like we have a couple of inches of snow already. Yes, it's still snow...big huge flakes...but if you get to far behind on the shoveling then when you finally go takes FOREVER!

I have some cards that I received in a swap that I haven't shared with you yet so today is the day! They are from the Stinkin' Cute Swap that I was in a few weeks ago. I love this swap because it really shows how versatile this cute little set can be. There are Christmas cards, summer cards, and just plain cute cards in all color families. I like doing swaps that are smaller. Some swaps you can do upwards of over 25. This was a small 5 card swap which was perfect for me! Enjoy!

Okay, I'm off to worry a little bit more about the snow and the trip. ;0)

Happy Saturday!

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Tracy Durcan said...

These are super fun!! That skunk is so cute :)