Thursday, December 14, 2006

Here are a few more picutres!

Okay here a few more picture of our time in LasVegas.

Oops...didn't know they would load like that! Sorry! Anyway, the first picture is of Todd (silly face...sorry...didn't capture the picture at the right time!) and a completely made of flowers, polar bear! This was in the Bellagio Hotel. They set this area up differently depending on the season. It was absolutely beautiful! The polar bear was made of carnations with just individual petals being used for his snout. You can see the reindeer in the background. They were made of nuts of some sort. Also, there were some roses ornaments that were just beautiful!

The second picture is of one of the views from our hotel at night. We were on floor 36 (thank God the elevator was fast!). I had asked to upgrade our room when we checked in and we got a one bedroom suite on the 36 floor...just two floors from the top! As you can see we had a great view!

The third picture is of me and Todd at the Coke factory. I just had to have our picture sitting on the bear. Boy, I was having some good hair days while I was there! Sorry about that but usually on trips my hair looks horrible! This was such a fun place with so much Coke stuff...who would have known?

I'll post a couple of more photos tomorrow and then I'll be done boring you with the trip. It sure was fun, though!

Make today a great Thursday!

3 comments that make my day!:

Jennifer said...

I'm loving all the pictures! I bet that polar bear was awesome in person!

Love the picture you took of the strip at night -- that turned out great! Beautiful.

COKE factory??? I guess I'll still be friends with a COKE lover ;) Sounds fun though -- I love touring factories.

Gwen Mangelson said...

Glad you are back! I missed you-
I know what you mean about the people in Vegas, Temple president was so rude I wanted to slap him and so were the visitors to Vega, however I found the "workers" to be friendly and helpful but that was 4 years ago!

Dawn G said...

Are you kidding girlie I love seeing all the fun you both had .. keep'em coming ...
cant wait until tommorrow to see more