Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Cards...

I received a couple of handmade Christmas cards this year that I thought I'd share with you. The top card is from my co-worker and friend Debby Tillman. She is also on one of the same Yahoo groups as I am so you may recognize her name from that. It is a super cute card made with Sockafellabella. Besides the cute image and paper she also made this card with a very unique fold (wish I would have taken pictures...sorry!). When you open up the image from the right side you are greeted with a Merry Christmas sentiment and then when you open that flap from the left side it says...from our home to yours. Very cute! Debby sure has made me love the Sockafellabella image!

The other card is from my friend Pammella. She used to live here in my town and stamp with me but the Army moved them back to Hawaii where she enjoys a perpetual summer...lucky girl! Again, I'm sorry the picture is so poor but her tree is made by Origami folding some beautiful designer paper and then she added the dove, presents, and pineapple stamped accents. Do you not love the star at the top of the tree? PERFECT!!

I'll show you the other 3 tomorrow and that will give me some time to get some stamping done of my own!

Have a great New Years Day!

5 comments that make my day!:

dd2njoy said...

Great cards Lorie!!!

Thea said...

Cute cards! The origami card is time consuming! I made one and only one...rofl!

sari said...

you have got some really nice cards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandi: Snow, make it go away ugh....LOL>
I mailed out package no. 6 with the reveal and gifts for you.
I hope you like the theme.
Shhh...no more hints.
Your Secret Sistah ~~ ME

Belas Creating Place said...

Dear Secret Sis: I got Happy Mail. Today I received a pretty card, ribbon spools and the cutest little TLC Book for me to create with. Thanks so much. Your friendship card is absolutely beautiful. If anyone wants to see my Secret Sister's card please go to my blog.