Friday, December 28, 2007

I made an RAK and received an RAK!!!

A couple of times a month there are calls on the yahoo groups that I belong to for special RAK's to be sent out. Most often it is when a family member or friend is having a hard time of things and the person would like to support them. Sometimes I send a card and sometimes I don't. Well, this last time I decided to send a card. The call came out through my Bellaholicsanonymous group but I decided to use one of th Happy Hopper images that I had gotten while ago. The top card is what I came up with. I have to say that I'm totally in love with the card. You can see the recipe for this card HERE. There is just something about this card that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...uh, duh Lorie! It could be that the fuzzy bunny is in a hot tub of its own therefore the warm and fuzzy feeling!!! Blinking

The RAK I received is from Keri Lee over at the blog Pink Lemonade. She is also a major player at Cornish Heritage Farms. Keri writes the technique tutorials for CHF among other things. Have you been to CHF recently? Not to long ago they had a new release night and the fantastic broad stripe background you see on the card in the picture is one of the new stamps! You should definitely go check them out! Thank you, Keri! I have already looked at the magazine and found a ton of things I'd like to try...including your creations! Make sure you all go check out Keri's blog and CHF as I know you'll love both!!!

Have a great Friday everyone!