Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you have a sister?

You know what? I don't have a sister but I have truly always wanted someone that I feel that close to. I was thinking that I had so much fun with the Secret Angel swap and I know others did too so why not try a short term (for now) secret sister swap?

The idea is that you sign up, fill out a questionnaire (and send it back to me), I'll assign you a secret sister, I'll send you a sister (with questionnaire) and you get to spoil your sis for a full 6 weeks! The requirement each week would be at least one card a week with a little "something" for your sis to be excited about. It could be stamped images that they don't have and want, the little Studio G stamp sets (if they are okay with that), or maybe something yummy that they like to eat. During the final week you will send something with around a $15 maximum value and reveal who you are! I've been asked about international sisters and I personally think that will be fine. If you'd prefer to not have an international sister please let me know. I know I have some Canadian friends that visit my blog and one lovely young lady from Sweden. Yes, shipping will be slightly more and it will take a little more work but it will be worth it!!!

I will provide you with your sister, a link to a thank you/excitement post to comment on when you receive something (and I'll explain how to get e-mail updates on those comments), and reminder posts once a week.

So, my friends...what do you think? I think this will be soooo much fun and I hope that lots of you will want to participate. Please, though...if you have something coming up in the next month or so that will keep you from full participating, don't sign up this time around.

Because I want to get this going as soon as possible I'll need you to sign up by December 31st. I'll get your secret sis out to you on January 1st. You'll be able to spoil your secret sis until the reveal week of February 11th, which also happens to be Valentine's Day week!!!! Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
Won't that be fun?!

Go ahead and post here that you'd like to join and ALSO you must e-mail me (mom2kjs at yahoo dot com) your interest so that I can send you a questionnaire...just commenting your interest on this post will not work!

This will stay at the top until the 31st. Please check below for new posts!

Now go! Sign up!!!

13 comments that make my day!:

sari said...

this sounds like fun!!! I'd love to be in, if it's ok with international sisters...*L*

SmilynStef said...

I would be interested.
Smilynstef at aol dot com

Debbie Yates said...

Please include me..I have sisters but they are not into stamping or papercrafts so...a sis with teh same interesets would be fun!

Anonymous said...

I would be interested..this sounds like fun


Anonymous said...

Ya twisted my arm, I'm in. I only have boring brothers.
Debby T

Patsy said...

I'm in!!!! I do not have a real sister either. Great idea.

TA Carbone said...

I would love to do this

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!! I loved the secret angel!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this would be fun.
sign me up.

Kristine said...

I DO have a stamping sis, but I still would love to do this :)

Belas Creating Place said...

This sounds like fun. Both my sisters are old enough to be my mom and I don't see them much. They live far from me. I would like an virtual stamping/scrapbooking sister though.
Thanks for hosting this fun event.

Heidi Michel said...

I am in !!! Woo hoo!! I love your sisterhoods!!


JoAnna said...

This is going to be so much fun!!!! I can not wait to get started.