Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bella Girls

Have you ever noticed how I go in streaks of stamping with different stamp companies? Sometimes I'm doing lots of Stampin' Up!, sometimes Bella, and sometimes (soon!) Hanna Stamps. Kinda strange. Anyway, I wanted to make these two Bella cards to get off in the mail today. The top one is to send to the niece of one of the ladies on the Bellaholics Anonymous group on Yahoo. Apparently her niece does the right thing and is nice to and plays with the unpopular kiddo and gets picked on for it so her aunt asked if we'd send her a card. I'm hoping Jammiebella (sp?) will be a cute card for a quick hello. Oh, and I used my fun flock for the very first time! I know you can't see it but the teddy bear is fuzzy! I don't recall who makes it but isn't that floral background paper so cute? I thought it was perfect for a younger young lady. Oh, and I forgot to tell you the name of the person I'm sending the card to is Bella. How appropriate is that?!

Next, is one of those things where when you have a friend that has a friend that needs some do it! My friend Courtney has a friend who has been sick (chemotherapy), has 3 boys, and with going into the holidays could use a little pick me up. Courtney asked if we'd all send her a card. Of course...I'm totally in for this so the result of that is Billboardabella with, even though you can't see it, lots of sparkly bling. Wanna know what is really cool about this card thing? If you send Gina (Courtney's friend) a card you get entered into a chance to win a magazine subscription from Courtney! You can get full details...HERE. You have the ability to earn three chances for the subscription so go check it out today!! Oh, and while you are at her blog take a moment to scroll down about half way on the page, look to the 'labels' at the left and click on Corbin-ism. Corbin is Courtney's extremely cute son that says some extremely funny stuff. You are sure to get your daily laugh with the silly stuff he says sometimes!

I'm a busy bee today so I'll see you all later!

2 comments that make my day!:

dd2njoy said...

Nice cards Lorie,such a nice gesture for Courtney's friend!!

Courtney Fowler said...

Thank you for helping out, Lorie! You're such a blessing! Those bellas are wonderful!!