Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hersheys Kiss Holder and a Puzzle

Good morning my friends! A couple of weeks ago I offered a class to my customers called Winter Bright Extravaganza. The idea is to take a Winter Bright Simply Scrappin' Kit and make lots of projects with it. Well, a couple of people signed up for it but I was unable to make it a go. I decided I was going to make all the stuff myself and share them with you. These Hershey's Kiss Holders are an example of one of the projects we would have made. So easy and much fun to make! So there are two of the front and one of what the holder looks like from the side with the Kisses in it. I got a CD of the instructions for all 12 the projects created with this kit from Erika Martin's blog called Stampin' Mama. Wouldn't these be great little gifts to make for your co workers to just leave on their desks?!

The other picture I wanted to share with you is something that we sometimes do at the holiday times. We will pick out a puzzle, put up the table, and everyone will take turns (or cooperatively) working on the puzzle. Kinda a fun thing to do as a family! Oh, and even though it is in a different can see where I got the idea for the name of my blog from that picture too! :o)

So, no artwork tomorrow as the boys and I will be making the turkey and stuff. (Todd has to work during the day.) Know I wish you all a very....