Monday, October 15, 2007

To Portland We Went

Alright a post about the trip to Portland, then the shower and doctor for me today. The trip itself was quite uneventful. It isn't to difficult to get to Portland itself and we found the exit for the hotel just fine. I do think we went around the same block three times to find the hotel though. It is in a very downtown part of Portland and just looks like any other business. Their sign was very small compared to what you would normally see. Anyway, we drove in and Richelle and I just looked at each other...then Richelle said..."what did you get us into?". Okay, now honestly, the hotel looks just fine on the internet. It is three stars (although priced much higher than that) and says it is a modern type of hotel. Really, it is a Motel 6 remodeled and not remodeled well. The first room they sent us to smelled HORRIBLE. Just like a was great. Oh, and my favorite thing. They provide you with a condom for use during your visit. How special! We decided we couldn't stay in that room so we asked for another. This one didn't smell quite as bad but still bad enough. They did find us another room but it wasn't ready yet so we had to leave all of our stuff in their office and when the room was ready they put our bags in it for us. We took a cab to Rock Bottom Brewery where the SCS dinner was being held. That wasn't so bad. Honestly, it was the most calm cab ride I'd ever taken. Whew! So the dinner was fun and I got to meet several of my favorite stampers on SCS. I'll tell you who everyone is in the pictures in just a minute. I must tell you about our return to the hotel.

When we returned to the hotel the lady at the front desk was canoodling with some guy (oh, did I tell you that their t-shirts say...get a room...nice, huh?). When we walked in she told us she had our room ready and our stuff was in it. I looked at the guy and said that surely he would walk us to our room since we were two women alone. He said of course he would. In the meantime I had my pepper spray out and in my hand and told him loudly I would spray someone and he could beat them if necessary. This 3rd room they gave us was way back in the corner and we were told it would be nice and quiet. NOT!!! Once we got in the room we locked the door and before we went to bed I put my suitcase and two chairs in front of the door! I slept with my cell phone and pepper spray by my side and when I'd roll over...they came with me! We were never more thankful to leave a hotel in our entire lives!! Aren't you glad you didn't go with us?!

Anyway, onto the pictures. The top picture is Joy, Jessica, Jami, and me. Next I am with Cambria. Then, I am with Beate. Then I am with Lori and Beate. And finally I am with Sharon. Now, I know most of these ladies have great blogs of their own and I will come back and link to them for you but I really need to go get in the shower here pretty quick. All of these ladies were so super nice! I had a great time and like I was neat to meet everyone!

Tomorrow's post I'll have some artwork to show you! Oh, do you like my hair? That is the color I got on my birthday day at the spa. Isn't it great?!

Alright everyone...have a great day!

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Tessa Boulter said...

It was great meeting you Friday night at the SCS dinner! Just wanted to post and say how much I love your blog! Keep up the good work GF!!
(And boy am I glad we didn't have any of that drama when it came to our hotel!! YIKES! We just stayed out by the airport so we could get a cheaper hotel that was decent.)
Tessa Boulter

dd2njoy said...

Hi Lori, looks like you had lots of fun except the room incident,lol.I laughed when you said you put chairs in front of the door!! Glad you and the girls had a great time!!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Hi Lorie!! YOU ARE JUST A SWEET HEART!!! It was so much fun to meet and chat with you. Next time you come to OR, you MUST stay at the Marriot with us! I'm sorry your hotel was so terrible. I would have grabbed you and taken you with us Friday night!

Hope you had a blast at Regionals on Saturday.

And... next time, let's get together!! Thanks for making me feel like a bomb... you seriously are just too SWEET!!!


Joy said...

It was so great to meet you! :) It was also funny to be able to talk about your hotel with you. After hearing from LeAnn from last Regionals, it was fun to hear her talk with people that experienced it, too! :)


Jenn said...

oh my gosh, you must have been at the same hotel that LeAnn stayed at last time we went to Portland!! Crazy - a condom??? Seriously??? Oh my!

You're SO CUTE, and your blog's fun, Lorie! I look forward to reading more of your adventures (your son's so cute!) and seeing more of your stamped stuff!