Thursday, October 11, 2007

She got it!!!!

Remember I told you about the Halloween swap that I joined? I sent my Halloweeny sister's box on Saturday morning and she just posted that she received it! Yay! You can see in the picture what I sent. She got a wheel and punch that she had been wanting, a 'boo' chipboard decoration, the little mini clipboard I showed you guys awhile ago and one that isn't decorated so she can make her own. Also, there are some ribbons and jumbo paper clips in the 2-5-7-10 box. Of course you can see the black cat beenie baby and finally some CHOCOLATE! How could I not send chocolate at Halloween?

Anyway, she seemed to like it so I'm pleased it all worked out. Now...should I join the Christmas Elf swap you think? Or...maybe I could host something like that on on this blog. What do you all think? That would be fun, huh?

Guess what? I have all my swaps done for Regionals! Woohoo! Now, I just have to come up with something for a door prize for the SCS dinner that we'll be going to on Friday. I have something started but honestly...I'm not sure if I have time to get it done. YIKES!!! What am I going to do?!

Oh, and I wanted to show you guys my birthday cake! I really like Strawberry Shortcake...such fun childhood memories! This is a totally chocolate cake. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate ganache (okay, so that isn't how you spell it but you know what I mean, right?) on the top. Super rich but super YUMMY!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me a note or left a comment on my birthday! You all made it a truly special day!

So, while I worry about getting the door prize done I hope that everyone out there in blogger land has a worry free day!!!

3 comments that make my day!:

Courtney Fowler said...

OOhh... my mouth is watering just looking at your cake!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cake looked very good,notice I used past tense because with 3 boys in the house I can't imagine much of it is left.
Host the Christmas Elf swap, it sounds like a lot of fun. Just give us the rules :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! Host one...I would play....

Lisa B <><