Thursday, October 18, 2007


Isn't it interesting how from one child to the next fads and interests change? Isn't it even more interesting when your children that are 10 years in age apart end up liking the same thing? In my is Pokemon and Legos. Although Legos are something new that Kyler has decided he likes Pokemon is something he's loved forever and that Scott loved when he was a kid. It is funny to hear them talk about it sometimes!

So, remember when I told you about JoAnna? JoAnna is the very talented girl who set up her own blog for a school project and is just rockin' it now! I love her work! You must go see it HERE! Why am I mentioning this again? Because on one of her posts she had shown a picture of a cute Pokemon frame that she had made with extra Pokemon cards. my house there is no such thing as extra Pokemon cards so I knew there was no way I could make one of those for Kyler. I left a comment for JoAnna about how cute I thought it was and that Kyler loves Pokemon. You know what she did? She e-mailed me to see if she could send it to him! How sweet is that? Well, we got it yesterday! Kyler was just so enthralled that she made the frame with the cards and he LOVES it! The frame is currently sitting at Kyler's spot at the kitchen table but won't be able to stay there indefinitely. I'm sure we will find the perfect spot for it in his room!

So...I have found out that JoAnna loves purple and I'm going to put together a little thank you package for her. Of course it will have to be purple! Kyler wants to make his own thank you card too so I'll post it all when I know JoAnna has received it!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness JoAnna!!

2 comments that make my day!:

Dawn Mercedes said...

Haha...POKEMON least it will be at our house! Best of luck.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Such a Sweet Face!!!

Lisa B <><