Friday, October 26, 2007

The Cutest Skeleton!

Alright, you may or may not know that I don't really like scary stuff. Cute stuff at Halloween is great but if it is scary...I won't be there. Well, I got a skeleton RAK in the mail the other day and thankfully it wasn't scary. As a matter of fact it is so cute I must share! The front is cute in and of itself but when you open it up and see the skeleton on the inside...GREAT!

Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you where the stamps came from but I sure think she did a great job making this card!

Don't forget about the Christmas Angel swap in the post above. I believe we have 10 people participating will be fun!

4 comments that make my day!:

Heidi said...

Hehehe that is very cute!! Thank you for sharing! I am with you Lori. I hate scarey stuff! When I was a child I would freak out when the dressed up scarey moms would come threw our rooom for the Halloween party at school. In the 3rd grade I had to go to the library when they came around to prevent the trauma to me. My mom used to say she always had to come to the halloween parties because of my scareyness. LOL


dd2njoy said...

Aaahhhh sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

What a very cute card!! and to think that I sold that is a retired SU set!! Actually, I don't do "scary" or "witches" so I got rid of the witch hat and the flying witch from my set long before I ever sold it...but this is just a very cute "out of the box" type of idea. Clever card designer Debby!! Thanks for sharing it...Karen

Courtney Fowler said...

Ak! Very cute!!!