Saturday, July 7, 2007

More about me and what not to do!

Alright...I've been tagged again by several people. I am supposed to list 7 things about me that people may not know. I did this awhile back but I have more I can share. Ready?

1. 2 of my 3 boys would like me to help them stamp!

2. Todd not only supports me in my stamping but in everything. He is quite the amazing husband!

3. I recently finished the in classroom time for the first of my summer courses to get my Diploma in Lay Pastoral Ministry. When and if I finish next year I'll be able to fill in at the pulpit when pastors go on vacation and such. Not saying I want to do that...just that I could.

4. The paper I'm going to write for my Intro to Christian History class will be how the Crusades have impacted Christianity today. My teacher was amazing! If you'd like to learn more about Christian History you can click HERE to see Bruce Gore's website.

5. All my children and I all have birthmarks on the back of our necks. Sometimes you can see the boy's marks depending on how short their hair is. My mom had a mark in the exact same place. Oh, and my brother has one, too!

6. As of today I have 98 blogs in my Google Reader list. Thank God they don't all post at the same time!

7. Today, at the baby shower, I was looking at all the gifts thinking that I could use some of them as ideas that would make cute cards!

Now onto the what not to do part. On Tuesday this last week Todd and I worked on getting our fence stained. I tried really hard to make sure I had sunscreen on because I burn easily and very quickly. I thought I was doing a great job until I went in at the end of the day and my lower back hurt...badly! I went into the bathroom and this is what I saw... Actually this picture is from today a full 5 days later. Apparently, I didn't think about the fact that my shorts went down some and my shirt up some when I leaned over. Needless to say it hurts to wear normal clothes, it is quite painful to shower, sit back in a chair, and roll over in bed. So, I would suggest you all think of all the places that you would never think would get burned and apply LOTS of sunscreen there!

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! I would never have thought about putting sunscreen there either. That looks painful. It made me hurt to look at it. Hope you are better SOON.

Laura said...

That looks really bad. Wow! I have a home remedy that I use in my household when anyone gets burned. Apple Cider Vinegar! (Must have the mother in it, that is the brown gross looking stuff) I have never had a burn that bad however my husband was out all day with out a shirt and no sunscreen (ya crazy) anyway I put him in the tub and poured it all over his back. The next day it was not even a little red.

Anonymous said...

OUCH! :>(

Anonymous said...

oh, sweatie! At my house it is a joke when I will burn my "front side". Knowing me and my larger then necessary front I must burn the cleavage at least once during the summer. It's SO fun to lather up the chest when people are around! Sensaria face toner spray works wonder for us! Luckily you can wear the low riders and look good!


Heidi said...

Laurie, You best call the doc and get some Silvadene (burn cream). My son went tubing this week and part of his face was burnt, not even as bad as yours, and they are having him use Silvadene 2 times a day. He said it really helps the pain. Also my grandson touched my daughter's bike when it was still hot and the ER gave them the same medication. He stopped crying as soon as it went onto his fingers (he isn't 2 yet). Silvadene is an awesome medication they use on burn units and it is something every household should have on hand.

Lisa C. said...

OMG, that burn looks soo horribly painful, wow, i am sooo sorry!! Congrats on the hits, but wow, I can't imagine having that burn! OUCHY!

Lisa C. said...

btw, I second or third the notion of the silvadine, they gave that to me when I burned my thumb from steam, it is AWESOME stuff!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Just had to chime in here to encourage you to see a doctor about the burn. If it still looks that bad after five days, you really should be seen. And the silvadine will not only help it heal, but there is nothing else like it to take the pain away from a burn. Additionally, keep hydrated (very important with a burn), and try some ibuprofin until you can get to the doc. Best of luck to you!

Jan Scholl said...

I once laid under a heat lamp and needless to say, burned someplace that aint supposed to see the light of day. Nasty and who knew????

I always used Noxema on any dry red skin and it smells good too. You might need to dose up with tylenol too. I always wear long clothes now as I had being burned.