Monday, July 9, 2007

Baroque In Silver

I was watching t.v. on Saturday night when at about 10 p.m. and idea for a card with Baroque Motif jumped into my head. You see, earlier in the day I told one of my cyber friends, Heidi, that I would do a one on one swap with her (actually 5 for 5) and I knew I wanted to use Baroque Motif. I think my mind just started sifting through all the samples of that set that I've seen and then suddenly I thought how about in silver. So to my stamp table I went. I started out with the center image being Purely Pomegranate on white and it was just to stark but I wanted to keep the pop of color so I used silver on Purely Pomegranate instead. I'm thrilled with the results. I think this could be a really pretty 25th anniversary card or something of the like. Also, I have decided that rather than post how I made the card both here and on SCS I would just put the details on SCS and provide you guys with a link to it. That gives you three opportunities. One you can clearly see what each piece of artwork was made with, 2. you can check out other cards with the same set and 3. you can comment on my card on SCS! So, from now on it will say something like...How I made THIS CARD. You can then click through whenever you'd like!

And, I am thrilled because I heard back from the blog candy winner, Tami. I'll be getting her stuff out to her tomorrow! As always thank you for choosing to spend a few minutes looking around on my blog. I truly appreciate it!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

2 comments that make my day!:

mimihas5 said...

Your card is lovely and would nake a beautiful 25th anniversary card. :)I am so sorry now that I did not get this set.


Caroline said...

OOOH, I'm so glad you had your blog listed in your comment, or I would never have seen this. I *must* CASE it for my next class :)