Sunday, June 17, 2007

This is dedicated...

This is dedicated to the man who can fill in perfectly while I'm gone. His cooking is probably better than mine, he can clean a house to make it look like there aren't 5 people living there, he shuttles the kids around, gives lots of love, and apparently he is a fantastic stamper!

Thank you, Todd, for choosing me to be your partner. Thank you for taking on the challenge of parenting three boys and doing a great job. Thank you for being there whenever I need you.

Happy Father's Day!

2 comments that make my day!:

Sharon in NE said...

no comments yet?..maybe everyone is feeling as jealous as me.

mimihas5 said...

I have also been very blessed with a wonderful husband so I know what you mean. The one thing he does not do is stamp like your husband does. Lucky woman. :)