Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick Post

Just wanted to post real quick before I leave for VBS. I have a couple of pictures for you. The building is DuVall Hall. It is the residence hall that I stayed in at Whitworth. Like Todd told you I was only the second person to stay in my room...which is the second picture. I heard that we were lucky to be staying there as it has air conditioning. Not that we needed it because I think the warmest it got was about 85. Anyway, now you know where I was for a couple of weeks. I will be sharing pictures of my profs and roommates soon. I'll be back to stamping soon, too, because looking at all of my new stamps and not being able to touch them is KILLING me! :0)

Be back later!

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jodene said...

I received my cards today. Everyone did suck a wonderful job!!!!!!!!!!!!!