Friday, June 22, 2007


All you wonderful stampers know what it is when it is Friday. Lorie will be home this time instead of me. We are so looking forward to her return.

If your reading this for a new idea, my last two have not turned out. I just cannot create anything with a flower theme. I'm going to try one more card, but I can't promise anything.

Best part is I'm still trying to stamp even after a block. I now understand what happens when you don't have ideas or they don't turn out.

If it is nice outside where your at enjoy the weather. If it is not pray for change. And remember to live well, laugh often, love much and create change when needed. Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The best of us have blocks, when great ideas don't turn out the way we think they should. Don't give up, there will be times when we create something wonderful and wonder how we did THAT! Welcome home Lorie! Happy weekend to the whole family.