Monday, May 21, 2007

We are back!

Good Monday morning to everyone! Todd and I are back from graduation and our trip to the coast. I like going and doing things but I definitely like being home, too! Graduation was a long day but a good one. I'll post some pictures later that will give you an idea of what they do here for graduation from BLEA.

Our trip to the coast was good except that it rained each day, our hotel was not nice for the price we were paying, and the people, yikes! For a tourist town you'd think they would be nicer. We went to several places in the area and I'd love to show you some fantastic pictures but....I'm an airhead and took my NEW camera but not the NEW battery that came with it! I had to buy a disposable camera and use the old fashioned kind of telephoto which is....just walk closer! I was so frustrated the entire weekend! When I get the photos back that I took with the disposable I'll show you a couple (if they turned out). The little town we stayed in was about 10 minutes north or south from other towns so we went to each of those, too. Also, we ended up going to Tillamook, OR the home place of Tillamook cheese. We saw Ft. Clatsop, Lewis and Clark's winter home, Ft. Stevens, the only place that ever fired a round on US soil against the enemy during WWII (they fired on a submarine), the air museum in Tillamook which housed blimps during WWII that helped our ships get safely out into the water by watching for submarines from above, we also stopped in at the Tillamook cheese! What a huge factory! Lastly we visited the Astoria Column. It is a 125 ft high, 167 step column that rewards you with great views when you get to the top. So, you can tell we did lots and had a great time!

I have gotten a couple of RAK's recently which I'll be showing you today and tomorrow. This first one is from Jennifer Hensley. Her blog is called Stampinthemidwest. It is a great blog be sure to go check it out! Isn't this a great card?! I love the colors and the glitter on the inside of the flower! Thank you Jennifer!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday and I'll see ya tomorrow!

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