Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big Honkin' Bee

Todd and I were sitting outside yesterday afternoon and all of a sudden we heard the sound of a bee. Not just any bee though...a BIG HONKIN' bee! We didn't see it at first but when we did...holy cow! If this bee is this big right now...I'm afraid to think of what it will look like later in the summer! This is a picture of it on one of my peonie flowers. the picture really doesn't show how big it is. It is the width of the monster bee that is just amazing! But still...Yikes, huh?!

Today I'll share two more cards from my Bella card swap. Sometimes I really like to do swaps because I'm amazed at what people buy and can do with what they have bought. The first card was made by Kandi Kwirant. All I want to know Kandi is where did you get that super cute designer paper? It is soooo appropriate for this Bella! And the shoe super cute! The shoe even has a cute little jewel on it! Lots of work on that card when you realized the boots have flocking (I think...they are fuzzy) and the presents are all wrapped with unique wrapping paper! Absolutely fantastic!

The other card I chose for you to see today is my favorite Bella...Ms. Cosmobella. I love the simplicitic but festive atmosphere of this card! This one was stamped by Anouk. I have swapped with her before and she always does fantastic work! Love the highlights and lowlights in Ms. Bella's hair too! Now don't ya wish you would have joined this swap, too?!

I will be posting tomorrow but probably just a little Memorial Day something. It is interesting to me that no one who has joined my prize swap has asked what the prize is if they win. Hmmm...does anyone care to know? If so...just comment to this post and I'll let you know tomorrow!

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone!

5 comments that make my day!:

Jennifer said...

That bee is scary big!! Hopefully he was just minding his own business and not bothering anyone. Bees are so cool.

I didn't join your swap, but I'd like to know what the prize is :)

Anonymous said...

O.K. Lorie, Since you're dying to tell us what the heck is the prize anyway? We know it'll be terrific whatever it is. Debby

jodene said...

I was so excited with the card I made I totally forgot there was a prize involved. I will be back tommorrow to see.

Heather said...

You know I did wonder about that, but just figured that it was what you were calling it. I guess I am a little dense sometimes!

Thank you for the sweet email. I am really excited about the swap --- swapping with people I do not know at all is exciting since I have no clue what to expect. Hopefully you will get some mail from me next week!

Courtney Fowler said...

Yes! Tell us what the prize is! I am with Heather... I had no clue there was actually a prize involved! Ha!