Sunday, March 25, 2007

Holy Smokes!

Wow, you guys! 98 comments! Never in a million years would I have guessed I would get 98 comments! Guess ya like the blog candy, huh? I had my husband choose the number and he choose 37. Alright....the winner is....drum roll'll find out after this commercial message!

Just kidding! The winner is...

Jackie said...

I love all cards, I used to only make and look at SU cards, but recently I have grown to use other stamp companies things. More cards are always a plus :)

Congratulations Jackie! If you would please e-mail me privately and provide me your address I'll get this out to you this week!

From the comments I guess everyone would like to see more of...well, everything! I will continue to do my best providing you guys with a variety of things and will try to throw in a few tutorial's every now and then!

I just have to tell you guys that I had a great time at my conference. I am very happy to be home, though. Believe it or not one of my favorite things was a children's music trio called Go Fish Guys. It is great music for kids that won't drive you parents nuts! That is their tag line not mine...cute, huh? Neat thing is that they have a shortened CD on their site with some songs that you can download! Here is the link...Go Fish Guys. You'll see the link for the CD at the bottom of the page. The 10 Commandment Boogie is so fun!

Again, thank you for all the kind comments...y'all made my day!

1 comments that make my day!:

Jennifer -- jkincolorado said...

Congrats Jackie! Enjoy your goodies.

I listened to the Go Fish Guys link -- they are REALLY good!!! Amazing harmonies! I think my favorite song is 'You are mine' -- but all the songs are great. Thanks for sharing!

Glad you're home :)