Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My winnings arrived!

Remember I told you about the blog candy that I won? Well...it arrived yesterday! No only did it have the Cuddlebug backgrounds that she promised but she added in some paisley and one really cute friend background as well. Don't they look like fun? Can't wait to use them!

If any of you know my husband you all know how good he is at making sure that I know that he loves me. He buys me little gifts (and sometimes big gifts) all the time just 'cuz. It can be what we call *junk* magazines for my bath time or it can be a really beautiful piece of jewelry. At Christmas he did the 12 days of Christmas and I got all sorts of neat handy stuff and one really cute tiara necklace! This weekend I got flowers, a CUTE pink elephant, and some Godiva chocolate. I'm thinking fun Valentine's stuff (even though he had to wait 'cuz his stuff wasn't here yet), right? Well, no. He tells me that the stuff he gave me was just his...hey, I'm home and I love you stuff! This weekend we will actually celebrate Valentine's Day. Anyway, I'm telling you this so you can see the cute stuff he gave me last weekend.

Is that elephant not the cutest thing? And, it is so stinkin' soft...I love it! The heart box has the Godiva chocolates in it...yummy! The roses are white with pink tips...very pretty but I don't think they are going to open, darn it!

So there you have it! Yes, I'm spoiled and I know it AND it's fun!

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

4 comments that make my day!:

Amber P. said...

ARe those 12x12 sheets of embossed paper?? I haven't figured out how to emboss anything that big yet with my cuttlebug!! I've been sticking to card backgrounds!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your blog candy papers! Sooo cute!

I'm glad you're feeling spoiled -- you deserve it :) Todd has great taste.

scrapstampindiva said...

wow look at all that great stuff! you lucky girl!

gwen mangelson said...

you better keep him!

great gifts, isnt it wonderful to have a loving hubby?

love the blog candy you lucky dog!