Friday, November 24, 2006

Now what was I thinking?

First, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! I know we filled up on our feast! We made a 19 lb turkey this year...yep, 19 lbs for 6 of us. We like to have leftovers for open face sandwiches and stuff like that. I think I'll do some soup this year too! It was so nice having the whole family here this year. I had a great time at a friend's house last year but I had really missed our family Thanksgiving. I'm so blessed that Todd is home safely! One thing that was fun last night is that I was talking with my dad on the phone and I had said we didn't have any snow and that really surprised me. A little later Kyler looks outside and what do we see? HUGE snowflakes! Jon and Kyler went outside right away and played a little bit. Here is a photo.

Anyway, yesterday I told you that I had shown you the last project from our stamp club. Well, I lied...sorry! I didn't show you the scrapbook page we did. I had a stamp club member ask that we do one page a month so this is the page for November and you club ladies will be happy to know that at the brunch you'll get to do your December page! Anyway, here it is! I wish I could take credit for this beautiful page's layout and technique but I totally CASE'd (Copy and share everything) it from SCS.

So this morning I need to finish up some note cards and a post it note holder for a friend's birthday. We'll be going to their house to actually celebrate a couple of our birthdays today but both of their birthdays are in just a couple of weeks so we thought we'd take their stuff with too. Now did that make any sense? I'm sure you get it!

So, have a great Friday all! See you tomorrow!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you had a good Thanksgiving -- and I'm so happy Todd is home with you this year.

Yay on the snow -- it's so beautiful!

Your scrapbook page is very cute :)