Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dove Chocolate Discoveries

So, you all know that I've mentioned my new Dove Chocolate Discoveries business a couple of times so I thought I'd introduce you to what it is all about.

DCD is an incredible tasting party experience. We Chcolatiers (yep, that is what we are called...I even have an apron that says...Hot!) come to your house and introduce you to all things Dove Chocolate. In my case I demonstrate how to make our fantastic Mousse and Martini's. We taste things such as Truffle Fudge Brownies, Cinnamon Dusted Chocolate Covered Almonds, and Chai Tea Mix just to name a few.

Why did I decide to become a Chocolatier to begin with because really...I already am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator (among many other things that I do)? Well, honestly it was because of the business opportunity. I called the home office and found out that there are less than 100 Chocolatiers in the state that I live that is ground floor opportunity right there! That and I LOVE CHOCOLATE (Dove has always been one of my favorites!)...what could be a better combination? DCD is a new company having been in business about two year. Let me tell is amazing the growth that they've had. They support their Chocolatiers with wonderful specials, printed materials, and a great home office! The parties are so much fun...for me and for the guests that I can hardly believe I'm making money at this (and I am making money!)!

If you'd like more information I'm happy to talk with you about the business opportunity, (I've been a Chocolatier less than two month and already have a downline!) having your own tasting party, or placing an individual order. You can see my website HERE and HERE are the fliers about the three different business kits that DCD offers to new Chocolatiers. I'm happy to put you on my newsletter list too if you'd like.

Have a SWEET Wednesday!

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Elizabeth S. said...

Good Luck with your new adventure, Lorie! Sounds like a great opportunity.
Have a great day,

Diane said...

All the best to you Lorie!!!