Saturday, April 19, 2008

random act of kindness

I find life to be very interesting sometimes. You know how I challenge you guys to go out and do something nice for someone? Well, yesterday my friend Janel stopped at my house out of the blue and dropped off a stamp that she had borrowed from me. In addition to the stamp was the wonderful RAK that you see in the pictures below. I was so surprised and pleased that she thought of me...she made me smile and be happy all day! Now the interesting part is that the Janel that RAK'd me is the Janel that won the May 3 Little DReaMs kit! It was funny because what I did was type up everyone's name on a word document, printed it out, had Jon pick a number and then counted from the top down to determine the winner. When I landed on Janel's name...I counted again and it was her again. So, one more time and indeed Janel was the winner. How is that for "when you do good for others it comes back to you"? So anyway, I want to share her RAK with you because it is just so neat!
Janel's RAK came with a bucket that had tissue paper in it and a couple of envelopes taped to the handle. Pretty cool presentation I think! There is some yummy candy hiding in that tissue paper but the best part is...I've been looking for something to put all the loose Prima flowers in that I have and this will be perfect! I will use some rub-ons on it and it will be all set to go! Yay!
Crud! I just realized I didn't get a good picture of the really cute card she made for me. I will take it though when I make my card with the neato card kit that she also had for me! I love this idea! I already have a little thought in my head for what I'd like to make. Anyway, there is cardstock, designer paper, and embellishments to make my own card or two with! So exciting! I can tell you that Janel used the SU! set called If The Halo Fits. This is such a cute, cute, set! It may now be on my list of wants!

Pretty neato RAK huh? I'm so blessed with the friends that I have! Thanks so much Janel! I also wanted you to know that my grandpa had his surgery yesterday and as far as I know he is doing well today. I haven't heard anything yet today but as Courtney said, no news is good news! Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers! ***edit...Just heard from my grandpa's wife and he is doing so well that they are moving him out of intensive care today! If it continues he'll be headed home Monday or Tuesday. Can you imagine? 3-4 days after open heart surgery and he could go home. Praise God! Thumbs Up 7***

Kyler is spending the weekend with his grandparents that are in town visiting so it will be a quiet weekend for me but I still have things to do so I'm off! I hope you have a great weekend everyone!

7 comments that make my day!:

Dani said...

Very cool RAK!
Courtney is right, no news is good news in this case! Have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

Yay! I'm so happy! For your grandpa, for Janel and for YOU!


Becca said...

Always thoughts and prayers for your grandpa.
Neat RAK. See you are special to many people, even to me in good old Ontario Canada. You are always so nice to stop by my blog and when you have sent me RAKs too. You are a very thoughtful person and good things do come to beautiful people as yourself.

Hugs, Bela

Katie Skiff said...

That is a great fun. And glad to know your Grandpa is doing OK! (((hugs)))

Diane said...

I'll keep you all in my prayers Lorie!!!
Wonderful RAK! I'm so happy for u!!

TA Carbone said...

Lori I know exactly how you feel when you receive a RAK out of the blue. To me they mean so much and I look back on mine often to make me smile


QuiltNut Creations said...

excellent news about your grandfather!

great RAK-little surprises like that can really make your day :)