Sunday, April 20, 2008

my favorite things

My Favorite Things had a sale not to long ago that I took advantage of and here are the fun sets that I got. Bundles of Bouquets, Can 'Ya Dig It, It's A Jungle Out There, and Meet Me At The Cafe. Aren't they cute? I don't have many MFT sets so this should do me for awhile.

I didn't get the chance to do any stamping yesterday but today I plan on sitting down to get some done today. My area of the US is getting strange weather just like everyone else's. It seems that we are going to be in the 40's with rain and snow for the next couple of days. The pass to Seattle was to get up to 2 MORE feet of snow which is on top of the 130" it was showing on February 1st. Crazy stuff going on! I'm honestly not so sure about that global warming stuff! LOL! guys enjoy your Sunday and I'll see you tomorrow!

6 comments that make my day!:

Dani said...

I love MFT stamps! I don't own any, but I love them anyway! LOL!
Have a great day!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Oh how fun! Good for you! Can't wait to see what you create with them!

Courtney said...

AAAKKKK!!! I took advantage of that sale, too... and got in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! Don't tell Josh!

I don't even remember what I ordered so I'll have to look it up and email it to you. I don't think I got any of those.... hmmm... image swap???

Anonymous said...

I just purchased my first set of MFT stamps and can't wait to get my hands on them.

I know what you mean about the global warming thing. I live in So. Cal so I am not enjoying the cold the most everyone else is complaining about (I moved here from Alaska so I miss the snow right now) but I have been reading about all the snow that people have been getting and have been wondering what happened to our global warming. At least you have a good excuse to get some stamping done. Have a great Sunday.

Diane said...

Oohhh lucky you!! Lots of new toys,
can't wait to see your new creations!!!

Imagine That Digistamp said...

Woohoo! Lotsa great stamps there--have fun!! OH, I know what u mean about the weather--craziness huh?! I'm in Oregon. Sunny one second, hailing the other!