Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Last Three

Since there was five cards in the swap I just decided to show you the last three today. Besides, this makes me have to sit down and create today!
This most adorable I Want It All Hanna was made by Lena Tacker. I didn't find a blog for her but her gallery on SCS is HERE.
This card was made by the fabulous TexasGrammy a.k.a Bev Gerard. Bev has been nice enough to share some tips for stamping and mothering with me. Her encouragement and kind words have really just touched my heart. She is truly a sweetie and an AWESOME stamper! Her blog is HERE. Oh, yes...she is on the design team for Hanna Stamps along with Scor-Pal so her blog is a must see. I also have a link in my side bar if you ever need it!
And lastly but certainly not least is another I Want It All Hanna . This one is signed by JoAnn but I can't find anything else about her so I hope that she sees this post someday and knows that I love her card!

I have to share with you something that Kyler told me today. In the state of Washington we have something called the WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) . It is a big, huge test and in fact, in high school you have to pass it in order to graduate (DO NOT get me started on that though!). Anyway, 4th graders also have to take it to see not only where they are at in their learning but also how the school is doing teaching them. Kyler and his clownies ( a term of endearment at our house) will be taking part of the test later this month. During the WASL parents volunteer to bring snack that week so the kids have something (it is an entire morning of testing M-Th) and I volunteered to bring cheese and crackers for the class. When discussing this with Kyler this morning he told me that his classmates were hoping that I'd bring pickles because they always want one of Kyler's when he brings them for snack. How funny is that? Pickles. So, I'll do both...cheese/cracker and pickles. Pickles...that just tickled my funny bone! Pickle

Speaking of Kyler...they have changed the appointment for his root canals from Tuesday morning to Monday morning. He was so excited about the change because that should mean that he will be feeling well enough to go to his birthday breakfast with grandma Nancy and papa Al on Wednesday. It is all about the stomach you know! Eat 2

I hope you all have a super fantastic Saturday and get lots of stamping done!

7 comments that make my day!:

QuiltNut Creations said...

pickles, cheese and crackers-sounds like a great snack lol!

great Hanna cards!

Christi Flores said...

Pickles!! LOL That is too cute! Those Hanna cards are adorable!! Have a great weekend! :)

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

Beautiful cards for the swap. I love swaps..and getting new hanna idea..always wonderful. Have a great day

Diane said...

Lovely Hannah cards!!!! Pickles??
Oh well,that would be different!!!

Dani said...

Pickles. Interesting. My kids would eat a whole jar if I let them!

Great Hanna cards!

Courtney said...

Wonderful cards!

I know all about the pickles. Vivian is constantly asking for extras to share with her friends at lunch.

I'll be praying for you guys Monday am. What time is his appt?

I'm feeling much better today!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

What great cards! Looks like a great swap!