Friday, April 4, 2008

A Hanna Swap

Remember awhile back when I showed you the card I made for the Hanna Stamps swap on SCS? Well, I got the cards back and they are absolutely adorable! I will post a couple everyday over the next couple of days. I must say I've gotten into some great swaps recently 'cuz I haven't been disappointed at all with the quality. Love that!
So, this first card was made by Karen (Lazorkay on SCS). Is that grass paper just so cute? Karen's coloring is lots of fun on this one too!
This card is by Rachelle (3frog-mom) and is just adorable! I just love how realistic she made Riley with his bike on the road. And, the arrow brad thingy (so technical...I know) is just so cute!

I am just so thrilled that today is Friday! Not really because I have lots of things planned today but more because the weekend is in sight...yay! Today, though, Kyler has a taste of Washington planned for the entire 4th grade. They will each be bringing in something that was made with a Washington product and sharing it with the other 4th graders. Being that it is Friday (which is lunch buddies which means I take him out to lunch) I'm going to put chicken nuggets and fries in the oven at home and we'll eat here. After he is done eating we'll put together the dip he is taking...separate it into 10-12 servings (as asked for)...and then he can take it back with him after it is all done. Starbucks was very nice to give me some of their little plastic sample cups so we'll put the dip in there and then at school he'll put in some of those club cracker stick thingies (another technical term) and that is how it will be presented. Pretty neato, huh? Eat

So, that is it for today! I hope you all have a super fantastic Friday!